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Give Your Seniors a Laugh

Good Old-Fashioned Comedy for the Ages

We will perform a hilarious, heartfelt show for your seniors. Or, we can flip the script and put them on stage and in the spotlight.


Mabel and Jerry

Mabel and Jerry is a hilarious, warm and exciting love story. Think Romeo and Juliet meet Burns and Allen. It’s a joyous romp for audiences of all ages.

Mabel and Jerry are people with great joy for life. They’re determined to find excitement, humor and especially love.

This forty-five minute, one-act play will keep your group laughing out loud from start to finish. You’ll leave with a smile guaranteed to last the whole day.

  • Thank you for the laughter, the performance, the wit and the wisdom.

    Vincent Dowling Founding Director, The Miniature Theatre of Chester
  • Steve Henderson’s “Jerry Atric” was a tremendous success at The at the Majestic Theater. Audiences absolutely loved the show. It was not only an artistic gem but a commercial success as well.

    Danny Eaton Artistic Director, The Theater Project at the Majestic

Jerry Atric – The Older I Get

Jerry Atric is a solo, thirty-minute play about an elderly gentleman and his experiences with ice cream, health care, romance and more. This show is chock-full of hilarious and heartwarming stories from a character you’ll fall in love with.

Jerry Atric – The Older I Get captivates audiences of all ages. It’s been a big winner for decades and is sure to bring joy and belly laughs to any event, exploit, or escapade.

We have over two decades of experience working with seniors.

Senior Theater

Bring the joy of creativity and theater to your senior group. Do you need scripts, direction, consultation, or a complete guidebook? We have it, and whatever else you need to get started.

We have over two decades of experience working with seniors. Add our forty years of theatrical experience and you’ve got yourself a crew that can make theater happen in any setting.

We can create a show just for you.

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