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Hilarious, Custom, Interactive Murder Mysteries

Our murder mystery comedies are lively, fast-paced, and interactive. A cut above the rest. They're designed to fit your event, venue, or fundraiser, like a glove and to a tee.
These shows are the perfect blend of hair-raising mystery and absurdity. With dinner, to boot!


Emergency - A Murder Mystery in Critical Condition

Picture yourself in the emergency room. You or someone you know is in need of help. Unfortunately, the staff at this ER is ridiculously inept.


That alone is bad enough, but who is this peculiar fellow, and what is he going on about? Why did he leave so suddenly? At last, Doctor Notsoyung and his not so helpful Nurse arrive, only it may be a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

Get ready for triage like you’ve never seen it before. While the ER staff, assisted by the Sound Guy, carry out the most outrageous diagnostic program in the history of modern medicine, maybe you can figure out who committed murder. And for that matter, who got murdered. Anyone not laughing at this show needs a real ER.

  • I loved EVERYTHING about the show.

    Theatre-goer W. Dennis, MA
  • The story, the characters and especially the audience interaction were great. Thanks for a great time.

    Theatre-goer Longmeadow, MA

Gangsters in Love – A Criminally Comical Murder Mystery

Consider yourself invited to Vinnie and Maria’s Jack and Jill party! Okay, Maria is a bit late, but the fun is right on time.

Louie and Sal, dim and dangerous best friends, are at the party to divert the criminal crowd with a few jaunts down memory lane. Once the bride-to-be does show up, she brings a dramatic revelation. The gangster’s lawyer has been murdered!

This show, if we do say so ourselves, is hilarious. It’s also interactive, appropriate for most ages, and great for groups of friends or strangers. Accusations, alibis and reenactments make for a nonstop, hilarious evening of glitz and goons. Expect wit and wordplay, suspicion and surprise. It’s all on the table, so get ready for the ride of your life!

Trial and Error - An Illegally Hilarious Murder Mystery

Well, it seems Judge Roy Green Hyphen Bean does not want to grant a continuance, even though the courthouse is temporarily closed. So now, the trial of Not So Fast Eddie Feltsome is happening at your event. Not to mention that now, you’ve got jury duty… unless of course you’re a suspect. With two highly unqualified attorneys and a nutty judge, we’re sure to  convict the real murderer, who might even be you!

What the world needs now, is a little bit of humor, and a whole lot of laughing.

The Brass Monkey – A Swashbuckling Murder Mystery

Welcome to the Brass Monkey Tavern, infamous haunt of pirates and associated crooks. You’re right on time to meet the troublemaking crew of the Flying Dutchman Rogers Jolly. They’re here to mourn the recent death of the great Captain Baha, but the ulterior motive involves his hidden treasure.

While the crew is treasure hunting, they discover a dastardly deed. There is poison in the recently departed Captain’s rum! Who will be the first to reach the treasure, and the truth? It’s all up to this band of degenerate pirates, and any of you wily enough to figure out the mystery and steal the treasure for yourselves.

Class Reunion – A Murder Mystery to Be Remembered

Everyone’s having a ball at the Fission High class reunion! It’s an evening filled with laughter, reminiscing, and a roster of high-spirited activities. Remember the names of your good ol’ classmates in charge of the festivities? Perhaps not, but they’re delighted to take the time to catch up with you.


But wait. Something’s gone wrong! One of the attendees has suffered a macabre mishap, which turns out to be a murder mystery in need of solving! Luckily, the reunion planning committee is ready to take the case. Will the finger point at you? This interactive, rambunctious romp will have you rolling in the aisles. And this time, there’s no fear of detention!


A Little Murder for the Holidays – A Festive Murder Mystery

Yikes! The North Pole workshop might get shut down! Three colorfully comedic, nondenominational elves are here to announce the impending toy shortage. What’s more, they’ll try to get you to stop cracking up, and help them figure out what happened during the toy inspector’s visit.

Suddenly, after a little chatting, and lots of flirting, a detective arrives with news. You guessed it, murder (which only makes it funnier)! Don’t let the infectious good cheer, R-rated wisecracks, mirthful tunes, and plentiful shenanigans scare you away. We need your help solving A Little Murder for the Holidays!

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