It’s All Fun and Games

My mission is to make people laugh. It drives almost everything I do. Going one step further, I want everyone who sees my shows included in the fun. With our interactive comedies, the experience becomes more memorable. You gain the advantage of making someone else laugh, which I have found to be far more meaningful than simply laughing yourself.

My Super Secret Super Powers

I am an RN with many years of experience working with seniors and children. This gives me a unique perspective into what makes them smile. I also write plays for straight theater; some of which have been produced by professional theater groups (yes, I’m serious). Perhaps most importantly, I do a great impression of Jack Nicholson.

All my life I have loved making people laugh. My first audience included my dad, my brother, and my friends. In first grade, I was cast as Peter Rabbit. A third grader played Mister MacGregor and chased me around the stage. The auditorium was full of parents, teachers, and friends, and they roared with laughter at our antics.

I was instantly and permanently addicted to making people laugh.

Today, my audience has become my kids, my doctor, store clerks, restaurant servers, and anyone else I happen to meet. If I’m standing next to you at a crosswalk, I will tell you a joke. I never stop looking for a punchline.

Usually, People Like Me!

  • Steve’s work is fresh and innovative….a really unique thinker and artist.

    Jarice Hanson Ph.D., Professor, University of Massachusetts

Laughter and Inclusion

There is so much fun to be had. I’d love the opportunity to help you and your guests join in the fun. As someone famous once said, “There’s no time like the present.”

Let’s Have a Good Laugh