Class Reunion

CLASS REUNION – A Murder Mystery to Be Remembered

What a ball everyone is having at the Fission High class reunion! The laughing, the reminiscing, the roster of high-spirited activities… Even if you don’t remember the names of the good old stereotypical high school classmates in charge of the festivities, they’re delighted to take a little time just to catch up with you. But wait. Something’s gone wrong! One of the attendees has suffered a macabre mishap—which turns out to be a murder in need of solving! Fortunately, the reunion planning committee is ready to take the case. Will the finger be pointed at you? A rambunctious romp replete with ridiculous reasoning, Class Reunion will have you rolling in the aisles—without fear of detention!

  • Highly Interactive- great for friends or strangers
  • Variable Theme- pick a graduation year, wear costumes!
  • Fun to solve Mystery: character based humor