The Brass Monkey

THE BRASS MONKEY – A Swashbuckling Murder Mystery

Welcome to the Brass Monkey Tavern, infamous haunt of pirates and associated crooks. You’re just in time to meet the troublemaking crew of the Flying Dutchman Rogers Jolly, here to mourn the recent death of the great Captain Baha, but mostly to get their conniving hands on his hidden treasure. However, in the process of treasure hunting, a dastardly deed is discovered…. Poison in the dearly departed Captain’s rum! Who will be the first to reach the treasure…and the truth? It’s all up to this crew of degenerate pirates and any audience member wily enough to figure out the mystery and find the treasure.

  • Highly Interactive- great for friends or strangers
  • Distinct Theme- easy to incorporate into your event
  • Fun to solve Mystery: character based humor