Comedy For The Ages

  • Mabel and Jerry
  • Jerry Atric – The Older I Get
  • Senior Theater


Mabel and Jerry

mabeljerryA hilarious, warm and exciting love story. Romeo and Juliet meet Burns and Allen. Jerry and Mabel are two hysterically comical people with a joy for life, determined to find excitement, humor and especially love. This short one-act play will keep your group laughing out loud from start to finish and leaving with a smile guaranteed to last the whole day. A joyous romp for audiences of all ages.


jerry_transparencyJerry Atric – The Older I Get

A solo, thirty minute play about an elderly gentleman and his experiences with ice cream, health care, romance and more. Hilarious and heartwarming stories from a character you’ll fall in love with. A tremendously successful show captivating audiences of all ages for over a decade.




Senior Theater

Bring the joy of creativity and theater to your senior group. We can provide scripts, direction, consultation, a complete guidebook or whatever you need to help your seniors put on a show. With over a decade of experience working with seniors along with forty years of theatrical experience, we know how to make theater happen in your setting.

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