The Buffoons

Bring the two most hilarious, most fun and most valuable characters imaginable to your event. You, your staff and especially your patrons will love these guys!

The meet-and-greet style improv and physical comedy adds a personal touch to the festivities, inviting the guest to be a part of the show rather than a passive viewer. This individual attention, along with the buffoons’ commitment to character and theme, will be a real benefit to the atmosphere of your event. The buffoons are a real boost to both your event’s fun level, and any theme you’re projecting ( Renaissance, Colonial, etc.)


The Buffoons are dedicated to directing your guests’ attention to where you need it. If you have a program of events, the buffoons will distribute them while delivering schtick and routines designed to put emphasis on the things you’d really like to advertise. Our goal is to make your guests laugh while getting the information into their hands.


What’s more, since the Buffoons’ act is almost entirely improvised, and is entirely based on your event, the Buffoons are among the most versatile of the products offered by Have Comedy Will Travel productions. The Buffoons can adapt for any style or any theme imaginable to best suit your event. Got a crazy idea for your event? Call us and let us make it happen.