Murder Mysteries

Gangster's Caddy

Feel free to browse the descriptions of our various shows below. You will probably see just what you need. However, we can help with more information and a conversation about customizing for your event if you like.

All of our murder mysteries are designed to include a dinner event, but we can customize our shows to make them a perfect fit for any occasion.


GANGSTERS IN LOVE – A Criminally Comical Murder Mystery

You are all invited to Vinnie and Maria’s Jack and Jill party! Okay, Maria is a bit late, but the fun is right on time since their delightfully dim and dangerous best friends Louie and Sal are here to divert the criminal crowd with a few jaunts down memory lane. Once the bride-to-be does show up, she brings a dramatic revelation: the gangster’s lawyer has been murdered! Accusations, alibis and reenactments make for a nonstop, hilarious evening of glitz and goons, wit and wordplay, suspicion and surprise!

  • Hilarious!!!
  • Highly interactive – great for friends or strangers
  • Distinct theme – easy to incorporate into your event
  • Fast paced, witty dialogue – appropriate for most age groups


THE BRASS MONKEY – A Swashbuckling Murder Mystery

Welcome to the Brass Monkey Tavern, infamous haunt of pirates and associated crooks. You’re just in time to meet the troublemaking crew of the Flying Dutchman Rogers Jolly, here to mourn the recent death of the great Captain Baha, but mostly to get their conniving hands on his hidden treasure. However, in the process of treasure hunting, a dastardly deed is discovered…. Poison in the dearly departed Captain’s rum! Who will be the first to reach the treasure…and the truth? It’s all up to this crew of degenerate pirates and any audience member wily enough to figure out the mystery and find the treasure.

  • Highly Interactive- great for friends or strangers
  • Distinct Theme- easy to incorporate into your event
  • Fun to solve Mystery: character based humor


CLASS REUNION – A Murder Mystery to Be Remembered

What a ball everyone is having at the Fission High class reunion! The laughing, the reminiscing, the roster of high-spirited activities… Even if you don’t remember the names of the good old stereotypical high school classmates in charge of the festivities, they’re delighted to take a little time just to catch up with you. But wait. Something’s gone wrong! One of the attendees has suffered a macabre mishap—which turns out to be a murder in need of solving! Fortunately, the reunion planning committee is ready to take the case. Will the finger be pointed at you? A rambunctious romp replete with ridiculous reasoning, Class Reunion will have you rolling in the aisles—without fear of detention!

  • Highly Interactive- great for friends or strangers
  • Variable Theme- pick a graduation year, wear costumes!
  • Fun to solve Mystery: character based humor



Yikes! The North Pole workshop is about to be shut down! Three colorfully comedic nondenominational elves are here to announce the impending toy shortage… And try to get you to stop cracking up and help them figure out what happened during the toy inspector’s visit… And chat a bit, and flirt a lot… Suddenly a detective arrives with news—you guessed it, murder! Which only makes it funnier! Don’t let the infectious good cheer, R-rated wisecracks, mirthful tunes, and plentiful shenanigans keep you from solving A Little Murder for the Holidays!

  • Group Participation- riotous hijinks
  • Non-denominational: perfect for any holiday group
  • Fun to solve Mystery: unpredictable plot twists


THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE NOT VERY SMART – A Hollywood Western Murder Mystery

Poor Ned, the hapless Hollywood production assistant, as if it weren’t enough to wrangle a cost-corralling producer and a stable of spoiled, scrappy stars, now he has to break in a whole herd of greenhorn movie extras—including you! But as the plot on the prairie thickens, an unexpected and peculiar defenestration throws the whole production into turmoil! Murder or no, the show must go on. Lend your talents to the harebrained cowboy action, let the muddled mystery flabber your gast, and laugh your saddle sores off on the set of The Good, the Bad, and the Not Very Smart!

  • Incredibly Interactive- fun for all ages
  • Distinct Themes: Movies and Western
  • Slapstick Comedy- high energy and lots of action