To Whom It May Concern,

We, Skeleton Crew Theater, hired Steve Henderson and Steve to put on their Renaissance Buffoons act at our Festival. They were wonderful! They both engaged the vendors and festival goers alike. The characters were very funny and kept people laughing and enjoying the day even though the threat of a hurricane kept the festival attendance low. They helped change the atmosphere of the day from a dismal disappointment to a positive first time event. I am still recieving compliments from people about their performances. We are looking forward to having them join us again next year!

Colleen Campbell
Event Coordinator
Skeleton Crew Theater roystonlodge_rough_sketch_line

“The Renaissance Buffoons are a quirky, quick thinking, improvisational NECESSITY at every fair & festival. True to character & comedic commitment, they had us talking & laughing even after we left the Harvest Festival! Two thumbs way up!”

Cheers all!

Better & Better,
Savannah Rae Shiever, M.Ed
B.S. Psychology & Geology
University of Massachusetts
508-564-3369 roystonlodge_rough_sketch_line

“S&S are truly engaging and do a lovely job in all ways of staying in character and entertaining people> do the right thing, and keep performance art and artists going!”
Avi Gladstone (Greenfield Harvest Festival)


“You guys were scarily funny, loved it.”
-Hadrien (Greenfield Harvest Festival)