Murder Mysteries

Gangsters in Love

I loved EVERYTHING about the show.  –  W. Dennis, MA

The characters were hilarious.  Come back soon! – W. Dennis, MA

The story, the characters and especially the audience interaction were great.  Thanks for a great time.  – Longmeadow, MA

Very Funny.  Just perfect.  – Easthampton, MA

Maria is Hot!  – W. Dennis, MA

A very memorable evening! –Plainville, MA


The Brass Monkey

Great Time!  – W. Dennis, MA

Outstanding! – Waltham, MA

The best laughs we’ve had in a very long time. See you soon, we hope! – Plainville, MA

We want our money back! Just kidding it was great show and well worth it. – Plainville, MA

Can’t remember the last time we laughed so hard! – Easthampton, MA


Class Reunion

I wish my real class reunion had been this funny!  Great job! –  Waltham, MA

We couldn’t stop laughing! Thanks for the great show! – Plainville, MA

Classic characters.  This is a terrific show. – Longmeadow, MA

I remember these characters, but now they’re even funnier.  Thanks for an enjoyable evening. – Longmeadow, MA


A Little Murder for the Holidays

I loved the interaction with the audience and the ad libs – Easthampton, MA

Great holiday show! Much better than watching my in-laws try to murder each other. – Plainville, MA

The show is a scream, and you guys are nuts. – Easthampton, MA

I’m more worried about the polar ice cap than ever.  LOL! – Easthampton, MA

No wonder none of our presents came on time. – Easthampton, MA.


The Good, The Bad and The Not Very Smart

The audience interaction was priceless.  –  Longmeadow, MA

This show was good, not bad, and very smart! – Plainville, MA

We had a fantastic time! – Easthampton, MA

We’re still giggling. A very entertaining evening! – Plainville, MA

Loved the show. The characters, the jokes and especially the ad libs! The crowd was really into it. – W. Dennis, MA